Meet your Conversation Leaders


Anna Ngo is a freshman majoring in Mechanical Engineering (Petroleum). She is from Houston, Texas but is loving the Los Angeles atmosphere. She has been dancing and playing basketball since she was five years old. However, she loves all sports and enjoys cooking and exploring. The one thing she loves the most is engaging herself in new cultures and experiencing new things. Therefore, don't be afraid to stop by to introduce yourself!


Autumn Palen is a freshman majoring in Film & TV Production, with a minor in French. She is from San Diego, California and enjoys listening to music, watching TV, traveling outside of her usual parameters whenever she can, and drawing incessantly. She also loves learning about languages and lifestyles from all around the world, so don't shy away from sharing during group conversations.


Cindy is a senior from Washington D.C. majoring in East Asian Area Studies, with a focus in Mandarin. She is from the east coast, but has slowly fallen in love with Los Angeles. Last semester, Cindy studied abroad in Taiwan for six months to improve her Mandarin. She understands how difficult it is to learn a new language; especially a crazy language like English; it is so irregular! When she is not struggling to learn Mandarin, Cindy likes to ride her bicycle through downtown and cheer on the USC Marching Band. Please come by to her group conversation sessions, she’ll love to meet and get to know you!


Evan Sawyer is a sophomore majoring in International Relations with minors in Spanish and Nonprofit, Philanthropy, and Volunteerism. He is from snowy Vermont and loves the excitement, diversity, and beautiful weather of Los Angeles. Evan is a club baseball player and an avid sports fan who will talk about baseball, basketball, or football for hours on end if you let him and is always looking for new kinds of music to listen to. He is passionate about volunteering and immersing himself in new cultures and languages and is excited to step into the international nonprofit sector in the US, Latin America, and elsewhere. If you haven't already met Evan as an Undergraduate Student Consultant in the ITA program, he is excited to meet you in conversation groups soon!


Ivtiy is a sophomore majoring in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. She grew up in Alhambra, California and currently lives in Los Angeles. She loves the Apple products and wants to pursue a career in the company as a computer engineer. Ivtiy's hobbies are exercising, watching hong kong or korean dramas, reading, traveling, and volunteering at her elementary school. She loves to participate in extracurricular activities and is currently in the National Organization for Business and Engineering (NOBE) as a Junior Officer of Viterbi, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and Korean Student Association (KSA). Lastly, she loves USC!


Kamille Robertson is junior studying theatre at the School of Dramatic Arts. She was born in California but raised in the deep south of Texas. Kamille hopes to land a career somewhere in the world of entertainment, as an actor, writer, costume designer... She is casting a wide net and hoping to find her niche. She has had a variety of experiences from working at Walt Disney World to working as a server at a little surf restaurant on South Padre Island to being a flower girl at the USC Flowershop. Kamille loves to read books, study French and women studies, and of course, watch screen and live performances. She hopes to one day write a book about her experiences, but not for a very long time, she has a lot of life to live.


Raised in Los Angeles, Leanne is a senior studying Communications with an emphasis on the entertainment industry. Nothing makes her happier than singing and dancing, so in her spare time you can catch her recording covers of her favorite songs or practicing for hip hop competitions as an e-board member of the dance crew, Chaotic 3. She also has a passion for eating and shamelessly loves to take pictures of her food. She is looking forward to meeting you!