Undergraduate Apprenticeship

A special feature of the undergraduate program is the apprenticeship, which affords upper-division students the opportunity to work in the professional art world in return for academic credit. Students gain valuable job skills in local museums, galleries, auction houses, and art foundations.

Apprenticeships usually last one semester and carry two academic units. Semester-long apprenticeships require a minimum of 10 hours of supervised work in an art-related institution each week for the 15 weeks of the semester. In addition, the student must attend class meetings to discuss apprenticeship and career issues. Apprenticeship placement for the summer is also available at institutions throughout the United States. Local participating institutions range from large museums, such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art, to small independent galleries in and around the city.

For further information, including application instructions, please contact the Art History Department at arthist@usc.edu.