Expanding the Visual Field Symposia

Begun in 1997, the "Expanding the Visual Field" symposia are organized once a year by the graduate students in the Department of Art History at USC. Each symposium addresses a central theme that has been devised by a student committee. The event draws graduate student participants throughout the country and concludes with a keynote address by a distinguished scholar.

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Symposium Series: "Expanding the Visual Field"

Previous symposium themes include:

Material Splendor and Global Early Modern Art (2015)
The Edges of the Body Extremities and Knowledge in Antiquity and Beyond (2014)
Drawn From Life(2013)
Art and the Mind: Neuroaesthetics, Phenomenology, and the Experience of Vision(2012)
Rivalries and Rifts: Reexaming Conflict and Competition in the Visual Relm (2010)
Colonization, Resistance, Representation (2009)
Reproduction and Seriality (2008)
A Useful Thing? Shifting Values, Uses & Interpertation of Art (2007)
Space: Exploration within and Beyond the Image (2006)
Dating Ourselves: Innovation and Fatigue in the Visual Field (2005)
Configurations of Power (2004)
Staging the Body Politic (2003)
Manifestations of Cultural (Ex)Change (2002)
Different Histories, Histories of Difference (2001)
Visual Culture In (and Out) of History (2000)
The Coercive Image (1999)