Undergraduate Senior Honor Thesis

Senior Honor Thesis 2009 - 2015

Carly Rustebakke
“What do you see, art or asset? An analysis of the factors that influenced the conflict over the Detroit Institute of Arts’ collection”
Year of completion:  2015

Ani Mnatsakanyan
“Monumental Propaganda: The Markers of Memory and Neglect.”
Year of completion:  2015

Maria Phoutrides
“Art Across Borders: How the International Community ShouldReevaluate Issues of Repatriation and Cultural Property Disputes”
Year of completion:  2015

Mark Acciari
“Fatness after Fat”
Year of completion:  2014

Clarie Cho
“Old Testament typology in the Stammheim Missal”
Year of completion:  2014

Michelle Crisosto
"John Baldessari: National City and Other Non-Traditional Approaches to Art Making, The 1966-68 Works"
Year of completion:  2014

Kelsy Goelz
"Vincent van Gogh: The Buddhist Painter"
Year of completion:  2014

Samuel Hertz
“Apathy, Aggression, and Compliance: How U.S. Museums are Handling Nazi-looted Art”
Year of completion:  2014

Tina Barouti
Newsha Travakolian’s Documentation of Jashn-e Taklif in ‘The Day I Became a Woman.’”
Year of Completion: 2013

Delphine Sims
“The (Universal) Black Mother:  20th century African American Female Sculptors and the Creation of a New ‘Eve’”
Year of Completion: 2013

Ryan Tischler
“Modern Primitivism in 19th & 20th Century Art: Representations of Tattoo in Modern Art”
Year of Completion: 2013

Natasha Neufeld
"Crafting the Image of a City:  Paris in the Late Nineteenth Century"
Year of Completion: 2012

Jamie Hoffman
"Art World As Institution: Andrea Fraser and the Performance of Institutional Critique"
Year of Completion: 2011

Mary Coyne
"Da sepellirvi li antenati mancati di vita': The New Sacristy of San Lorenzo in Florence."
Year of Completion: 2010

David Frantz
 "Allen Ruppersberg: L.A. as Subject"
Year of Completion: 2010

Alexine Rodenhuis
"A Study on the Apparent Dichotomy Between Fashion and Art"
Year of Completion: 2010

Isabel Yeo
"Isabella d'Este's Art Patronage: Cooperation and Competition with her Male Relatives"
Year of Completion: 2010

Courtney Lynch
"Museum as Stage: The Performance and Display of Classical Art in Los Angeles."
Year of Completion:  2009

Sean Nelson      
"The Limits of Suprematism: Malevich and the Early Suprematists."
Year of Completion: 2009

Rachel Rees
"Czech Expression, Cultural identity and the Canon of Modern European Art." 
Year of Completion: 2009

Angela Vimuttinan 
"Elizabethan Propaganda: The Virgin of Mercy Motif and The Rainbow Portrait." 
Year of Completion: 2009

Rachel Huiching Wen 
"Identity and Self-Fashining: Armor in the Portraits of Cosimo I de' Medici." 
Year of completion:  2009