Graduate Dissertations In Progress

Adams, Samuel, "Setting the Stage: German Art in Museums, Theaters, and Opera Houses, 1968-1989" (University of Southern California, M. Luke)

Bair, Nadya, "The World in Pictures: Magnum Photos and Postwar Photojournalism, 1947-1962" (University of Southern California, R. Meyer)

Huang, Karen, "Artists' Reenactments: The Vietnam War, the War on Terror, and the Performance of American Activism" (University of Southern California, K. Flint)

Hiro, Rika, "Explosion, Mutation, and Evaporation: Art and the Aftereffects of the Atomic Bomb in Postwar Japan" (University of Southern California, M. Mizuta Lippit and S. Lee)

Mastroianni, Megan, "The Spaces in Between: the Artists' Magazine and its Reader in West Germany, 1968-1975" (University of Southern California, M. Luke)

McMahon, Brendan, "Colors of Deceit: The Arts of Iridescence in the Early Modern Spanish World" (The University of Southern California, D. Bleichmar)

Murphy, Elizabeth, “A Forward Looking Art: Education, Creative Exchange, & the Rise of Modern Native American Art” (University of Southern California, R. Meyer)

Spinelli, Ambra, "The Tablinum: a Space for Private and Public Rituals in the Roman House" (University of Southern California, J. Pollini)