Graduate Student Conferences, Papers and Publication


Samuel Adams
“Monuments and Ruins in West German Theater of the Late 1970s,” International Bauhaus Colloquium, Weimar, Germany (2013)

“Seeing Opera, Hearing Art: Set Design in West Germany, 1972-1982,” Courtauld Institute of Art, London, UK (2012)

“Artist as Producer: Mise en Scène in Postwar Germany,” Association of Art Historians, Milton Keynes, UK (2012)

“Cleaving German Identity in Wagner’s Ring,” German Studies Association, Louisville, Kentucky (2011)

“Achim Freyer and the L.A. Ring,” Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA (2011)

Ellen Dooley
“1649: Art and Plague in Golden Age Seville,” Renaissance Conference of Southern California, San Marino, CA (June 2013)

Fiestas y la Peste en la Sevilla de la Edad de Oro,” I Simposio Internacional Jóvenes Investigadores del Barroco Iberoamericano, Santiago de Compostela, Spain (May 2013)

“The Ephemeral Golden Age: Fernando de la Torre Farfán’s Ode to the Seville School,” Ephemerality and Durability in Early-Modern Visual Material Culture, Cambridge, UK (May 2013)

Round Table Participant: Jóvenes investigadores y el Barroco Iberoamericano, IV Symposio de Arte y Patrimonio. Barroco Iberoamericano, Seville, Spain (October 2012)

“The Circular Courtyard of Charles V’s Palace in Granada: Architecture as Surrogate for Secular and Religious Authority,” Annual Conference, Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, Boston, MA & New College Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Sarasota, FL (March 2012)

"Fiestas and Mass Culture: The Seville School and the Canonization Case of Fernando III," The Role and Practice of Artists in Society – Graduate Symposium, California State University, Los Angeles, CA (January 2011)

"Painting Salvation: Miguel Mañara and Juan de Valdés Leal's Hieroglyphs of Our Last Days," Annual Conference, Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, Ottawa, Canada (April 2010)

Sarah Goodrum
“Menschenfamilien and the Documentary Tradition: The Double Influence of ‘The Family of Man’ in the GDR,” 2. International Conference on Photography and Theory, Aiya Napa, Cyprus, 2012

“Menschenfamilien and the Documentary Tradition: The Double Influence of ‘The Family of Man’ in the GDR,” 4. Tagung des Arbeitskreises Kunst in der DDR, Berlinische Galerie, Berlin, Germany, 2012

“Photographic Education as Public ‘Re-Education’: The Building of Socialist Society at the Leipzig Hochschule for Graphic and Book Arts,” History of Education Society Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, 2011

Yoonah Hwang
“Walking Through the Red Walls: Color and Ritual Experience in Cave 20 at Bezeklik” Symposium offered by the Getty Research Institute, “To Dye the World: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Color,” Los Angeles, March 9 (2013)

Megan Mastrioianni
"Sensation in Body and Mind: Michael Heizer and Dennis Oppenheim in Interfunktionen," UCLA Art History Graduate Student Association Symposium, Los Angeles (2013)

“Documenta: Spectacle and Post-War Identity in West Germany,” German Studies Association Annual Conference, Milwaukee, WI (2012)

Co-Chair, “Art and the Mind: Neuroaesthetics, Phenomenology, and the Experience of Vision,” USC Art History Department's 15th Annual Graduate Student Symposium (2012). Keynote speakers: David Freedberg (Columbia University, History of Art and Italian) and Antonio Damasio (USC, Neuroscience)

Brendan McMahon
"Ephemerality and Durability in Early Modern Material and Visual Culture", Cambridge, UK (2013)

Ambra Spinelli
Research Presenter, USC Graduate Research Symposium Selected to present my PARP:PS archival research, April 2, 2013

Poster Presenter & Best Poster Award Winner, Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, Seattle, Poster title: “Disinterring a Pompeian Middle-Class Neighborhood”, Jan 4, 2013                  

Research Presenter, Department of Archaeology, Università di Bologna, Presented at press conference my M.A. Thesis regarding the Preparation of the first museum of Antiquities at the Department of Archaeology, Bologna, April 6, 2008               


Rika Hiro
“Tokyo’s (Un)bearable Lightness of Being: Chim Pom and Issues of Subjectivity in Post-Superflat Art” at The Cornell University Dept. of the History of Art Annual Graduate Symposium, Imag(in)ing Asia and the Pacific:Emerging Visualities and Art Perspectives , Feb 20 -21, 2009

“Between Presence and Absence of Video Earth’s ‘What is Photography?’” at “Spectacle East Asia: Translocation, Publicity, and Counterpublics” Visual and Cultural Studies Graduate Conference at University of Rochester , April 10 -11, 2009 

Ambra Spinelli
"The "Getty Cybele": A Portrait of Feminine Virtues," Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, Chicago (January 3, 2014).

Paper Presenter, SOMA 2007: XI International Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology, Istanbul



Samuel Adams
Book chapter: “Blasting Wagner out of the Continuum of History: Deutschtum Transposed in the Los Angeles Ring,” in Thomas Haakenson and Deborah Ascher, eds, Representations of German Identity in Visual Culture (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2013), 33-56.

Review of Marian Bisanz-Prakken, Gustav Klimt: The Magic of Line (Los Angeles: Getty Publications, 2012) for (2013).

Sarah Goodrum
July 2012, “A New/Old Ethics of the Photographic Portrait: Mirjana Vrbaski’s ‘Verses of Emptiness’,” Afterimage 40, n. 1. pp. 14-16

Rika Hiro
"Between Absence and Presence: Exploring Video Earth's What is Photography?" in Godfre Leung and Sohl Lee, eds., (In)visible Culture: An Electric Journal for Visual Culture, Issue 15: "Spectacle East Asia" (Fall 2010)

"On Historical Models and Memorable Encounters" Dispatches and Directions: On Artist-Run Organizations in Los Angeles, Los Angeles: Art2102 of Los Angeles, 2010, p. 31 

Megan Mastrioianni
Contributor, "Envisioning Modernism: The Janice and Henri Lazarof Collection." New York: Prestel Publishing, April 2012.

“Kurt Schwitters,” “Pablo Picasso,” and “André Masson.” Envisioning Modernism: The Janice and Henri
Lazarof Collection. New York: Prestel Publishing, 2012.

Ambra Spinelli
“Comic Figurine of a Slave Seated on an Altar” and “Red-Figured Bell Krater with Phlyax Scene” catalogue entries in M.L. Hart’s The Art of Ancient Greek Theater. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, 2010

Paper title: “Underwater Archaeology in Italy: the Park of Baiae (Naples),” published by Oxford Archaeopress, 2009