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Sometimes, I feel like I’m ALWAYS on campus.  It’s like I never leave the confines of SC’s gates.  Campus is great and all, but being from Seattle, I do want to explore California since it’s so different from where I grew up.  I found a way to see some of the most interesting parts of California while getting school credit through my Geology class field trip.


We had been studying geology for almost two months when my class’ field trip came up.  Early one Sunday morning my class met up to tour sites of California with interesting rock formations.  We went to Santa Monica beach to look at the rocks there, and we drove into the Mojave Desert to discuss the different tectonic plates California rests on.

The places we went were so scenic and beautiful; such a change from the industrial city of LA that I spend pretty much all of my time in.  One of my favorite spots was called Devil’s Punchbowl.  It actually looked like a punch bowl surrounded by mountains, and the park it was in had a ton of interesting artifacts about the surrounding area and animals.

Although it’s great to live in a city and I love USC’s campus, sometimes it’s nice to get out and explore nature.  You’ve got to appreciate the simpler things in life.


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