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New Beginning

Hi everyone!

My name is Saro and I am a freshman here at USC Dornsife. I am majoring in biological sciences and planning on minoring in either Spanish or Religious Studies.  I come from a suburb called saro no red eyeGlendale, just half an hour north of USC. I live in Marks Tower (WOOT Southside Swag) and have found the residential community to be beyond amazing. Besides the countless activities our building government plans, our proximity to the campus maximizes our opportunities to be involved on campus. Even though I only live 20 minutes away from “home,” I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else except on campus.

Besides being involved in Dornsife Ambassadors (the BEST organization on campus), I am also a health educator in Peer Health Exchange and a member of the USC College Republicans.

We are beginning week 9 here at USC and, so far, it has been an amazing experience. All my classes are really interesting and my professors are the most brilliant, humble people in the entire school. I dare you to find another university where a professor calls on you BY NAME in a class of 250 students when you raise your hand (props to the most inspirational professor in the Dornsife College: Dr. Olana Mills).

I look forward to meeting all of you prospective students at Discover USC in November. Stay tuned for more awesome posts and be sure to follow me on twitter @Saro1993x

Fight On!

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