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Greetings World!

Adam Feisst here, a freshman majoring in International Relations (Global Business) and Political Science! I’m from the far away land of ice and cheese – specifically, the town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin! With the chilly fall weather approaching back home, I can honestly say I’m enjoying the sunny southern California weather here in Los Angeles! :)

This year I am living in the University Residential College at Birnkrant. This is, in my opinion, the BEST freshman building on campus! It’s right next to the 24-hour Leavey Library and the 24-hour Trojan Grounds Coffee Shop. It’s also the perfect balance of studious and social activity. The floor community is absolutely amazing – the 40-something other people that live on my floor truly have become my best friends here on campus. Birnkrant Seventh Floor (or BK7 as we like to call it) really is a fantastic community. Be sure to stay tuned, for there will be plenty of Birnkrant shenanigans to come!Adam First Blog Post

Besides being involved in the amazing organization of USC Dornsife Ambassadors, I am also in North Area Government as a Floor Senator (which is residential hall government), FAB (Freshman Advocacy Board, for LGBT and Ally freshman), OUTreach (an LGBT community service organization), USC College Democrats, QuASA (the Queer and Ally Student Assembly), FACEAids, and many more. I also am waiting to find out if I was hired as a Tour Guide for the USC Admissions Center or as a USC Orientation Adviser for the Summer of 2012… I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Now for some academics! I’m taking German this semester and I’m hoping to study abroad in Berlin, Germany as early as next year! I’m also a member of the Thematic Option program. Basically, the program is an honors alternative to the general education requirement. Students take classes that are a bit more reading and writing intensive, but they are definitely a lot more interesting and fun! In fact, this semester my favorite class is probably my CORE-111: Thematic Option Writing Seminar I. I know what you’re thinking: “What?! A writing class?” Well, it’s true! My instructor, Rob, is absolutely amazing, and our small-group discussion is always filled with laughter. If you have the opportunity, be in Thematic Option. You won’t regret it.

Anyways, that’s just a little bit of information about me! If you’d like, follow me on Twitter @AdamFightsOn. I hope you’ll continue to join me for the many adventures to come during my freshman year at USC Dornsife!

Until then, fight on!


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