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My name is Tingting Wang, but everyone usually just calls me Ting (save for the few brave ones who get very creative!)

I’m a Sophomore majoring in International Relations and pursuing a minor in Psychology. I hail from the suburbs of Birmingham, AL…yes, Alabama, but I’m not a Tide fan. In fact, War Eagle! If you know what I mean by that, you may just be my new best friend. I’ve always been an Auburn Tigers fan, but now I’m a USC Trojan for life! If you couldn’t already tell, I’m crazy for football.

I’m the events director for USC CASA, the Chinese American Student Association on campus. I grew up in a very non-Asian community, so this is my way of keeping in touch with my Asian roots.

My favorite thing to do in Los Angeles would have to be getting out and finding the best restaurants. I’m a huge food fan! I go on boba milk tea runs on a regular basis…it’s not really obsessive, I just like boba a lot. I love introducing people to new eateries so I make a lot of new friends that way. It’s not really bribery ;)

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