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From NorCal to SoCal

Vijeta Profile

My name is Vijeta Tandon and I’m a freshman majoring in Economics. I’m originally from Cupertino, California (Home of Apple!) so it’s been a change getting used to life in Southern California–but going to school at USC has been an amazing experience. Even though it has only been around two months of school, I already feel at home here. All the butterflies I had while moving in are long gone, and instead replaced by a sense of excitement for getting to know both USC and Los Angeles a little bit better.

Aside from taking some fantastic classes throughout the week, I am involved with the Joint Educational Project through which I volunteer at a local pre-school twice a week. Even though I have to get up a little bit earlier for this, seeing the smiles of four year olds as they complete an art project is priceless. It is these kinds of touching and impactful experiences which I hope to share with you through this blog as a Dornsife Ambassador.

You can also follow me on twitter @SCVictoryy! Fight On!

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