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… Actually, Sandra Bullock is the only one who can call me that!James

Hola, me llamo James! Hi, my name is James! In case you care, I am a freshman (WOOT 1st years!) majoring in Political Science. I was born in Chicago, IL but I graduated from a high school called Interstate 35 which is located in a  village in rural Iowa (Truro to be exact).

To answer your questions so far… Yes, My high school is named after a road.

Yes, I live by  farms.

Yes, I also like corn.

I LOVE life (regardless of what I say or how much purple I wear). I’m also extremely random. Actually, I’m kind of like a squirrel. I can be talking about one thing and thennnnn did I tell you I love volleyball!? I really love volleyball! I also like wearing bright colors when it’s rainy and gloomy outside. I have so many interests that sometimes I even forget what I like.

I think it’s week 8 by now and I’m having a great time at USC. My professors are BEYOND brilliant and my housing situation is better here than it is at my actual home (WOOT Parkside Arts & Humanities).  There are so many opportunities to get involved here. Its only been 8 weeks and I’m already a USC Dornsife Ambassador, Chief of Staff of my dorm (the entire building… I know right :p), on two different Program Board committees, and working on a fashion show for next semester.

The next four will be the best four… years that is =]



BTW… Rebecca is the best… get to know her!

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