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Halle - Griffith ObservatoryLast weekend, I got the chance to explore LA for an assignment for a Thematic Option class that I am taking this semester. Each student has to create what we call an STP, a Sacred Text Project, that engages in issues of equality, justice, and civic prophecy. My classmate Nirali and I needed video footage of a few different spots in Los Angeles for our project… so we got to do homework and explore LA at the same time!

On Saturday morning, we hopped on the Metro and explored Hollywood before taking an Uber up to Griffith Observatory. We got some awesome videos and pictures of the LA skyline and the Hollywood sign.

When we finally decided it was time to return home, we tried to contact an Uber. Uh oh. No cellular service. For the next 20 minutes, we wandered around Griffith Observatory waving our phones in the air trying to pick up a signal. Oops. Both of our phones are about to die. We finally made contact with a driver, but he couldn’t find us and left.

After accepting that a ride wasn’t in our near future, we talked to a friendly park ranger that assured us that the walk down to the bottom “wasn’t too bad.” For those of you who don’t know, Griffith Observatory is basically a petite mountain. Nirali and I spent the next 35 minutes hiking down to the bottom (in flip flops, on a winding road without a sidewalk, mind you). After a few close run-ins with cars and lizards, we finally made it to civilization and cellphone service. With only 1% of battery life left, my trusty iPhone allowed me to contact David, the saintly man who picked us up in his white Prius and delivered us safely back to Hollywood.

Not exactly what we had imagined for our Saturday afternoon…

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