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After an eventful day of pranking yesterday, it finally sunk in that it indeed is April, and you know what that means… one more month of classes, finals, and then the beginning of summer — or what we students call sweet, sweet freedom.

For graduating high school seniors, this also means making decisions. After praying/meditating/wearing lucky socks for weeks on end (and just a little voodoo), acceptance letters have been sent, and now the ball is in your court.

As a soon-to-be college senior, that whole scenario brings back some nostalgia but mostly that eager confusion about what the future holds. It’s not just about rankings and scholarships — you want to have an amazing college experience, and, depending on how you define that, you start to wonder — where is the right place for me?

After really thinking about it, I decided that what would have been most helpful for me at that point would have simply been to get a real glimpse into a college schedule. I wanted to picture not just the weekends or football games but also the daily reality of being a student at a university. It is in those hopes that I write this post.

Ladies and gents, I now present:

Average Joe(sephine): A Short Memoir of My Wednesday

8:00 AM – Woken up by Rusted Root’s “On My Way” because I really liked Matilda, and it’s better than the jarring sound of a real alarm clock.Esmy Day in the Life

8:17 AM – Actually awake. Make self socially presentable. Read a few chapters of a David Owens book for PPD 461 (Sustainable City Planning). Bike to campus because I’m a sustainable soul.

10:00 AM – Writing 340 with Prof. Feuer. Our class shares ideas on what we want our A4 papers to be. I hear topics like musical algorithms and what makes a song catchy (as opposed to an enduring classic) and the psychology of gaming culture. I propose either the legality of dumpster diving and how it could (potentially) alleviate hunger in the U.S. or the economics of hipsters by examining sales of kale and coconut water as well as gentrification in Brooklyn and parts of Los Angeles. Someone asks if I’ve ever dumpster dived, and I reply with, “Well it’s not really diving…”

11:00 AM – Playing in the pool or as my schedule decrees: PHED 110. Getting a regular workout is a lot easier when it’s an actual course. It’s also nice that any day in Southern California is the right one for swimming.

12:12 PM – Biked over to where I work (Ground Zero Performance Cafe) for my daily caffeine allocation and was pleasantly surprised to see we had an event. Part of a series titled “What Matters to Me and Why” - the guest speaker went over cognitive barriers and the tipping point where human limitations are breached leading to revolutionary advances. I eat my sandwich pensively.

1:07 PM – Having a little under an hour before my next class, I find a cozy corner in the bookstacks of Doheny Library and catnap.

2:02 PM – Only a couple minutes late to ENST 387: Econ for Natural Resources. This rarely happens (I swear) and as I settle down, we dive into fisheries management and replacement rates. It’s actually pretty interesting. Only yawn once.

3:30 PM – Stare at the vending machine for a good six minutes. Remind myself that I have food at home and should just bike back.

3:45 PM – Park my bike outside the co-op and head up to my room. I pretend to clean up by shuffling things around and building small piles of books and clothes. Head downstairs and a couple housemates are listening to some rad music. Someone must be cooking because it smells wonderful. I sit down and read some material for my environmental law class. My phone buzzes at one point, and I see an email confirming an interview with the American Geoscience Institute. I get excited/nervous all over again.

4:50 PM – Grab the trusty ol’ bike and head back to campus for the Dornsife Ambassadors meeting!

5:50 PM – Head to LiteraTea and see that it’s about to close. Quickly grab some tea and head back to Doheny to start a couple rough drafts.

6:00-8:00 PM – Conglomeration of email, Spotify music digging, researching potential topics and scholarly articles to support hypothetical thesis with a sprinkling of Facebook, Tumblr, and other various black holes of the internet.

~9:00 PM – This article. At this point no one else is in the library, and I myself need to either A) Get more coffee, B) Nap again, or C) Both.

*Always go with C) when in doubt*


10:00 PM – Start a short paper for Environmental Law and edit a report for Sustainable City Planning.

11:30 PM – Head home. Attempt to keep working; instead watch an episode of a TV show that will remain unnamed. Eventually fall asleep on books. Walk like a zombie to the bathroom to brush teeth. Check email one more time then succumb to sleep ready for yet another day in the life of a your average college student.

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