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Leah Larry_KingI’m a Dornsife student, but I’m also super into movies and television, which is why I picked up a Cinematic Arts minor from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Which, by the way, is the #1 film school in America. #justsayin. This semester I got the opportunity to put some of my entertainment industry knowledge to good use as an editorial intern at Larry King Now.

Let me just take a second to mention that I got this internship through a fellow Helene who I knew at USC and who now works on the show. Connections are a real thing! So is going to college in the place where you want a job. And so is going to a school with a huge alumni network — at my interview I found out that most of the producers on the show are also fellow Trojans. This not only shows the awesomeness that is USC but also leads to a sense of community even when you’re just starting out in a new workplace.

Anyway, a few days ago was my first day on the job. Now, I can be professional, but there’s no denying that I get insanely starstruck. Which might be a problem, since a big part of my job is to receive celebrities arriving for their interviews. On my first day I was given door duty — I had to watch for the celebs in case any of them showed up early. As I awkwardly stood around, I checked out some of the pictures on the wall — Larry King with all sorts of celebs, including some of my all-time favorite people, like Julie Andrews. How freaking cool.

After a few minutes, a nice black car unexpectedly pulled up…and out of it came Larry King. Now, it’s not like I’m a diehard fan, but I can appreciate a guy who’s done as much as he has, at least enough to make me speechless as he walked toward me. Luckily, I was able to grab a passing makeup artist and stammer out that I didn’t know what to do when the King came in. She kindly introduced me and I got a “Welcome aboard” from the man himself as he headed inside.

After greeting a celebrity guest and some of his crew, I was allowed into the control room to watch the interview happening. Watching a TV show or a movie’s creation is truly magic to me, and I was fascinated by all the processes that go into creating a relatively simple show. I got to help out by keeping track of moments that would need future editing.

The next day, I got to sit in on that episode’s editing session! Editing is the area of film that I’m most interested in, so this was really exciting for me. I love the idea that a story or its presentation can be completely different even with pieces of the same material. This was definitely the highlight of my week… and I got to have my name put on the episode’s credits!

I can tell this internship is going to be somewhat scary but tons of fun. I’ll keep y’all posted… until next time!

P.S. Here’s an episode that has my name in the credits!

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