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Hollywood Sign Hike

Leah Hollywood Sign HikeI love spring semester. I come back from my freezing cold home (yes, Texas can get really cold!) to the sunshine and warmth of LA, and it feels like the days just get sunnier and sunnier. Especially Fridays. My other favorite part of spring semester is that there are so many three-day weekends, and since it’s not football season, it’s so easy to take advantage of them! After the roller coaster that was last semester, I’m so excited to explore LA and check the last items off of my LA bucket list before I graduate.

Last weekend I met up with a cousin who lives in LA to hike to the Hollywood sign. We started the day with brunch in what used to be the Jewish quarter of LA — the restaurant we went to had some really cool murals on the outside, and it had amazing sandwiches! Mine had chicken fingers in it…mmm… and the cook even asked me whether I thought it should make it onto the menu!

Next we headed over to the sign. It was a beautiful sunny day (of course), so there were tons of people there. My cousin (who goes to UCLA…) and I counted the number of people repping USC vs UCLA and we ended up tying. (It’s worth pointing out that I was wearing a USC shirt and she doesn’t even own any UCLA shirts!) But more importantly, we had a great time people watching and enjoying views of all parts of LA, along with Culver City and Burbank. We also saw some planes flying in circles above us, and I pretended they were Top Guns. It was great.

There are a few different trails, one of which took us to a point where we could see the Hollywood sign from the front. After seeing that view, we backtracked and went up a much steeper hill to get closer. After about half an hour, my cousin saw the sign and tried to point it out to me through a gate. As much as I squinted and ducked, I couldn’t see it.

“Is it because I’m short?”
“No, it’s right there!”
“I”m looking! I don’t see it!”
“No. RIGHT there!”

Leah Hollywood Sign

I couldn’t see it because a giant H was blocking my view. Yes, H as in Hollywood. We were so close to the sign we couldn’t even see the whole thing! We ended up above and behind the sign, which is actually much bigger than you’d expect. We ran into quite a few people who said they were checking this off their bucket list, which was pretty cool.

At the end of two hours we headed back to the car after a successful day of sun, breathtaking views, and reveling once more in the incredible city we live in. One bucket list item down, and so many more to go!

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