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This Finals Week, I am thankful for/passive aggressively resentful of the abundance of free food coming my way. Whereas throughout Leigh Finals Foodthe semester, USC will only offer you free food as sporadic promotion for various clubs/organizations, during Finals they will throw so much at you that you won’t know what to do with it/how to hide your food baby.

This all started on Sunday, when my sorority (and parent volunteers like my wonderful mother) was kind enough to organize a banquet which rivaled that of the Pilgrims’ upon arrival to America. Finals Feast featured a wide assortment of entrees, desserts, and even a candy bar — and so, food coma #1 ensued. Following that, Monday was “Study Nights” on McCarthy Quad, where I got to stuff my face with free Chick-Fil-A, Sprinkles, and more. On top of that, when I returned to my sorority house to study, our house mom had put out all the leftovers from Finals Feast in addition to literally overflowing baskets of snacks on snacks. Cue food coma #2.

Tonight, as I procrastinate writing my final paper for my International Relations course, I decided to remove myself from the coma-inducing environment of USC so that I could focus on my academics, which meant avoiding the onslaught of midnight breakfasts offered on campus and at Chabad (coma #3: crisis averted). Naturally, though, I ended up scrounging for dessert in nearby Koreatown, all the while claiming to myself that I needed an “energy boost”. Maybe leaving USC for the night wasn’t the most productive move, after all.

Wish me luck, world. Finals left to go: 2. Papers left to write: 2. Food comas: Still going strong.

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