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Hi all,Pradeep Intro Photo

I’m Pradeep, a sophomore at USC. It was quite a trek to attend here from my hometown, having been born and raised in Irvine, California (45 minutes from campus). I am majoring in Biological Sciences and Economics, with a goal to become an interventional cardiologist involved in medical administration.

I’m a student coordinator for Peer Health Exchange, an organization that teaches health to high school students in LA; I love to play (and win) intramural sports with my friends; and I was a Freshman Science Honors student last year.

USC Dornsife as already begun shaping my life goals and aspirations. I came into USC as a die-hard pre-med student, who was quickly diverted to add an Econ major. Though I am still pre-med, Dornsife has allowed me to explore my interests and find a subject that I am passionate about and would like to corporate in my future career.

My favorite thing that I have done at USC is the Problems without Passports program I participated in last summer. I took a class in tropical medicine in Oxford University! I met some amazing USC students while being taught applied biology by some of the most renowned tropical medicine researchers in the world. PWP provided me with an invaluable learning experience as well as life-long friends and memories.

I can’t wait to see what else USC and LA have in store for me over the course of the next couple years.

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