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Melissa Hike

As an ex three-sport varsity athlete, hearing the phrase ‘Hollywood Hike’ certainly did not scare me. If anything, it sounded like a leisurely walk for tourists. When e-board for African-Americans in Health decided to do a social hike with NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers), I figured it would be more relaxing than anything; how wrong I was.

Driving up to the trail was difficult enough because of the hills and sharp incline. As someone from the Great Plains, the hills out here still shock me. As the twenty of us began to walk the trail, the bright sun beat on us, and there was no breeze to provide comfort. The walk seemed endless and continued to wind on and on forever. As the hike progressed, I increasingly realized how out of shape I was and how I couldn’t wait until it was over. Then up ahead, like a beacon of light, I saw it: the Hollywood sign. I briskly walked towards the sign and the top of the hill to soak in the beauty of the surroundings.

The view from the top of the hill was breath taking. The hilly trail that I previously saw as an obstacle and a curse was now a beauty and its completion, a major accomplishment. I could see all the way to downtown Los Angeles and everywhere in between from the top of that hill. All of the work from doing the Hollywood Hike paid off as I sat and absorbed the beautiful landscape around me. We felt very accomplished as a group, everyone survived the long hard walk and even got a great workout from it. Hopefully, social hikes can be organized on a monthly basis as more people can join. In my opinion, the ‘social’ hike was an immense success!

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