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A few weeks ago one of our fellow Dornsife Ambassadors was able to into an advanced free screening of the new film The Fifth Estate. Here are our thoughts on it.

Vijeta: Seeing movies before they are released (and fo’ FREE!) has got to be one of the best perks of attending USC. The Fifth Estate was a fascinating movie, and I learned so much about Wikileaks and the nuances of journalism. I wish I had paid more attention to the news during the time that Wikileaks was at its climax because I probably would’ve appreciated the movie even more. Either way, this was definitely one of the most memorable Tuesday nights I’ve had at USC!

Francesca: Getting a preview of the movie The Fifth Estate was a wonderful and unique experience I got to share with my fellow Dornsife Ambassadors! The movie was very intense and suspenseful and did a great job of shedding light on the complexities of the recent Wikileaks events.  It was a Tuesday night well-spent with good friends and a thought-provoking story.

Divya: Watching The Fifth Estate was an eye-opening experience because I only knew about the major leak of US documents. Learning about the whole background of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange in such a creative and engaging way was so much fun. Also, Benedict Cumberbatch is incredible, as always.

Melissa: Coming from Chicago, movie pre-screenings were essentially intangible and restricted only to the rich and famous of Hollywood, California. My illusion of grandeur was quickly dropped once I realized most people have the opportunity to go to one. When a fellow Ambassador offered us the ability to see an unreleased film, I quickly jumped at the chance; getting off campus from time to time is rather refreshing. Four of us drove to the screening and went right into the heart of LA. The movie, The Fifth Estate, was screening at the Regal 15 Theater located in the exciting and bright area of LA Live!

The Fifth Estate tells how Julian Assange uses deception and manipulation to grow his novel website, “WikiLeaks”. The story is told from the perspective of his recent recruit, Daniel. Initially, Daniel placed Julian on a pedestal and sacrificed his job, family, and integrity for him. As the story progressed, he realized how powerful Julian’s manipulation tactics and ego truly were. I cannot spoil the entire story including the surprising twists and turns, but I will say it was a great film. Overall, the night was great; I was able to see an interesting movie in an incredible city with some of the best people ever!

Melissa B Fifth Estate

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