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Hey everyone!Nnenna Intro Photo

My name is Nnenna Ezeh, and I’m a junior from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am majoring in Health and Humanity with a minor in Public Health and a pre-medical emphasis. I came to Los Angeles absolutely terrified and excited about this new journey and fell in love with USC. The spirit, the academic success, and the vast opportunities to do literally ANYTHING won me over as a freshman.

I immediately got involved with many different organizations. I joined Trojan Pride, a group that focuses on increasing and maintaining school spirit for all sports (plus, we get front row seats at the Coliseum!). I also am the president of African-Americans in Health, an organization geared towards providing support and resources to those underrepresented in medicine and other health professions. Along with getting involved on campus, USC has tons of ways to give back to your community. I am currently a Teach for America STEM Fellow in which I go into lower performing schools and assist TFA Core teachers in their classrooms. Being a merit scholar at USC, the Trojans Scholars Society created a new program called Scholars Leading Scholars where we tutor high school students at nearby high schools and help them get prepared to apply to colleges. I also got into research last year working in a health behavior lab focused on learning more about how we can incorporate technology into studying nutrition and physical activity behavior.

Although literally every USC student is ambitious and extremely involved, we all find time to unwind and have fun. As an extreme sports lover, I find myself at the numerous Trojan sporting events from football to women’s soccer to baseball, along with Dodger games. I also have been exploring Los Angeles more, a city with sooo much culture; it’s actually insane. If you have any questions, comments or just want to see what I’m up to, check out my twitter: @Nnenna_USC.

Fight On!

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