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Living the life of a college student is supposed to be this glamorous party-going, friend-making, food-eating bonanza that we see on TV and in our favorite movies (Legally Blonde, anyone?) But no one ever seems to really mention the school part… Now, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting only cupcakes and butterflies (though, both of those are part of my college experience), but I wasn’t quite ready for my first midterms ever either. I had been “acclimating” to life at USC up till last week; that was when the crazy study-till-you-die vibes started to get around. At that point, I realized that being a freshman was no longer an excuse and that I had to power through my academics like no other. Cue coffee. My new best friend FOREVER. Yeah, I drank coffee “drinks” in high school every now and then when I quote unquote needed it, but I am now a changed person as a college student. They say you learn so many things about yourself once you’re on your own… I have come to love the taste of black coffee. You could even say I have a passion for good coffee. Yes, that implies I am a seventeen year old Starbucks snob but in my defense, I didn’t choose the snazzy taste bud life, snazzy taste bud life chose me. Realizing that I had created an expensive habit for myself, I decided it was time for me to get a job. I am now on the hunt for an on-campus job, and there’s no better place to start than the Student Jobs tab under myUSC. sounds pretty promising too…SO for any you who may need a little extra spendin’ money, check those sites out!

And remember, college actually consists of classes. Also, if you’re hitting up Starbucks on a budget, the iced coffee actually costs more than their hot coffee — fun fact. There’s a little glimpse into The College Lyfe from my 5′ perspective. More to come soon. Fight on!

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