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Hey everyone!

This is Andrew Morris, a proud (albeit brand-new) member of the Trojan Family and Dornsife Ambassador. I am an excited freshman studying Math/Economics and am in a terrific position to tell you a little bit about my experience so far.

I grew up in a small town in San Diego. I am proud and blessed to have grown up in Southern California. Those of you not accustomed to the perks of living in the region (including but not limited to: great weather, relaxed way of life, cultural diversity, and Mexican food) may find that after experiencing them you can’t live without them. I’m so excited to be studying in this region and in L.A., its cultural center!

San Diego was the only place I called home until I arrived at USC this fall. What has  surprised me most about college so far is that after only a month here I can say that I have settled into my new home. My spontaneous routine of studying, hanging out with people on the

floor of my residence hall (all of whose doors are always open), attending USC events marked by incredible speakers and performers, exploring L.A. and listening to local live music has made time go by incredibly fast. Because this time in my life has already proved to be so rewarding and accelerated, I occasionally make time to appreciate how lucky I am to be here for four years, surrounded by such excellent and unique peers, faculty, and opportunities.

Words cannot capture how much I look forward to getting more involved here on campus over the next few years and how thankful I am to be a Trojan.

Fight On!

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