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It’s Tuesday, and I just finished my shift at Ground Zero Performance Cafe. I vaguely smell of vanilla ice cream, and there’s a small coffee stain on my shoe. Though I’m tired, I enjoy my time Esmy Intro Photobehind the bar (and hey, I get a free milkshake every shift!). I waver between biking back home or studying at the cafe. Choosing the easier option, I stay and skim through a United Nations report on global water issues. Overwhelmed by the amount of reading, I choose to instead tackle my bio lab. In an hour or so, maybe I’ll brave some thermodynamics problems.

I’m a junior, and I’m pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations. This means my homework is a mixture of labs, essays, and literature, all interwoven with a unique perspective. Originally from Washington state, I grew up in small town on the eastern side and now relish in the opportunities the Los Angeles metropolis provides. From free concerts to the stunning San Gabriel mountains (check out the 12-mile hike to Cucamonga Peak I did last week with SC Outfitters!), southern California is bursting with different adventures.

The campus itself is a haven for opportunities. This semester I will be helping process deep sea sediment samples with the Paleo-Climate lab in the Earth Sciences department. For fun, I contribute to USC’s The Interloper, an alternative newspaper, and every Wednesday I meet with the campus feminists at the Women’s Student Assembly weekly meetings. Though junior year is already hectic, I can’t help but think about all the experiences yet to come (bring on those all-nighters!)

Catch me through it all. (Epic pictures to come!)

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