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Michelle P LACMAHello there! My name is Michelle, and I’m currently a sophomore. I’m a Classics and Italian double major with a minor in Art History, but I came into USC as only a Classics major. I’m from Pasadena, California, so I didn’t travel very far to come here, but USC still seems like an entirely different world. I’ve been here a year already, and I’m still discovering new things about campus! At the beginning of the semester, for example, I found out that USC had an Archaeological Research Lab (who knew?), and now I’m volunteering there and researching an inkwell from the 1st century BCE!

Although research takes up a lot of my time, I also have a job on campus, am a part of the Italian Club and the Japanese Student Association, and am a member of the sorority Alpha Delta Pi. My favorite class right now has to be my Latin translating class, since we’re only translating Ovid, who’s my favorite author. I love to explore museums off campus, even though I’ve been to most of them before, being from the LA area. Last week, I went to LACMA (for possibly the 20th time) and got to see a new exhibit on contemporary art! Although, as a Classics major, the Getty Villa has to be my favorite museum. I’m so excited to be a Dornsife Ambassador and can’t wait to start ambassador-ing!!

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