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Audrey Intro PhotoHello everybody!

I’m Audrey, and this is my first official blog post as a Dornsife Student Ambassador!  I have to say that out of all the things that have already happened to me in these past two months of my second year of school, becoming a Dornsife Ambassador has definitely been one of the highlights.  I am so excited to share my experiences with you all and spread the Dornsife love!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I am a sophomore from Pasadena, CA majoring in Psychology, and I am also a pre-med student!  My life is filled with glorious science classes, labs, research, and long study nights in Leavey consisting of a quiet study room, my gigantic organic chemistry textbook, and a nice venti pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.  Also, since coming to USC, I have become involved in a few really great organizations on campus. In addition to being a Dornsife Ambassador, I am involved in Alpha Phi Omega (the co-ed community service fraternity), Trojan Health Connection (USC’s official pre-health newspaper), the American Red Cross club, and on-campus research.  And in just a few months I will be going on my first international medical brigade trip during winter break with the incredible organization Medlife, so stay tuned for a post about my time in Cusco, Peru where I will help provide medical services to the local population and gain valuable knowledge about global health.  If there is one thing I love most about USC, it is the wide range of things to do on campus.  All the different organizations represent something truly unique, and after becoming involved, it really changes you for the better.  You are introduced to new people, new places, new adventures, and your life is never the same again!

When I am not in class, you can typically find me in the Lyon Center or sitting outside at one of the numerous beautiful spots on campus studying, eating lunch, or chatting with friends.  Staying active and being outdoors are two of my favorite things, so I always try to make time for them, and USC’s campus (as well as the inherent beauty of Southern California) makes it really easy to do.

While it may sometimes seem like life on campus could not be more exciting, one of the best parts about attending USC is the fact that it is located in the heart of Los Angeles, one of the greatest cities in the world.  The list of fun things to do off-campus in the nearby LA area is never-ending, and since my hometown of Pasadena is just a forty-minute drive away, I am pretty familiar with LA and have a lot of fun taking my friends around and introducing them to all the great places I know.  Needless to say though, since coming to USC, I myself have been introduced to a myriad of new things such as taking a nighttime drive to the Griffith Observatory and watching all the stars in the dark or taking a quick trip into Koreatown for some satisfying Korean barbecue.  With the wide range of things to do both on- and off-campus, one can never be bored here at USC.

I hope you were able to get a good introduction to my life as a student at USC.  I could go on for days talking about everything that I love about this school, but I will save all of that for my future posts to come.  Follow me on Twitter (AudreyChaiUSC) and as always, Fight On!

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