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Introducing Anne!

Hey everyone! My name is Anne, and I am currently starting my sophomore year at USC! I am so excited to be able to share some of my stories with you as you look towards creatingAnne Intro Photo your own college experience. It feels like yesterday that I was analyzing the pros and cons of more schools than I could count! Choosing USC Dornsife has been the best decision of my life. Coming from the suburbs of NYC, California has been such a fun adventure! I love the lifestyle, the people, the endless possibilities, and (of course) the weather!

At USC, I am majoring in International Relations (Global Business). I just switched into this major this year, and so far I love it! Not only do I get to take tons of International Relations classes in Dornsife but also I get to take a lot of business classes in the Marshall School of Business. Along with my major, I am also minoring in Psychology. I can’t believe that in only 4 short years, I get to study so many disciplines, and I even have time to travel abroad! Call me a nerd, but that is one of my favorite parts about USC. They make it so easy to combine all of your interests!

Aside from academics, I am also a proud member of Alpha Delta Pi, a sorority on campus. I absolutely love my sisters, and it has been so amazing to have such a support network in my home away from home. These women are some of the most inspirational people I have met at USC, and it was actually after going on a hike to the Hollywood sign with one of my sisters that I learned about her International Relations (Global Business) major and switched!

Another club I am a part of is USC’s philanthropy, Troy Camp. Troy Camp is an amazing organization where USC students work with kids in the surrounding area in the hopes to inspire them to go onto higher education. We offer weekly tutoring and after-school programming, and at the end of the year we host a camp an hour north of LA where the kids get to experience nature in a safe, nurturing environment. Last year, I was a camp counselor, and every month, my campers get to come to USC for a kid’s event. Past kid’s events have included trips to Disneyland, the CA Science Center, and a USC football game! I love helping out the community and having an impact on these children’s lives.

Not only do I get to help the community through independent clubs at USC but also I get to help through USC academics! This semester, I started volunteering with TIRP (Teaching International Relations Program), a program that teaches International Relations to high school students in the surrounding area, and it can often give you extra credit for some of the classes you are taking! I had my first lesson this past week, and it was amazing to help these high school students foster their interest in International Relations!

Last but not least, I am also a part of SC Outfitters. SC Outfitters is a really cool organization where students will plan and organize outdoor trips such as hiking, rock-climbing, surfing — you name it! Most recently, I got to go kayaking through SC Outfitters in order to celebrate my birthday! It is so fun to be able to take advantage of the year-round sun and explore the nature surrounding LA!

Overall, USC has countless, amazing opportunities, and the hardest part is choosing which ones to be a part of! USC has helped me find the perfect balance between fostering my intellectual pursuits and feeding my adventurous spirit! I am so grateful to have three years left of my journey, and I cannot wait to see what is in store.

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