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“Now, Voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find.”

-Walt Whitman, “The Untold Want”

The day after I committed!

The day after I committed!

Hello, all! My name is Jennifer Frazin (or Jenn, if you’d like), and I am an ecstatic brand-new member of the Trojan family! I hail from the Surf City area in Southern California, where I have spent my whole life up until this point. I’m currently an English major at Dornsife, and I’m thinking of taking on another major in Dornsife and perhaps a minor in theater. I am currently torn between so many career aspirations and paths that it’s bordering on absurd, from writer to actress to FBI agent. I live in New Residential College, and there is never a dull moment on our floor!

Already, I know that this campus is where I belong. Even though I am as of yet only involved in a few organizations and activities, I am determined to make every single moment count and have already shared so many incredible experiences with so many wonderful people. I have found that there is something inexplicably breathtaking about sitting out under the open sky at McCarthy Quad on a weeknight, typing essays together between bites of half-melted frozen yogurt from the Yogurtland at Gateway. There is something so surreal and magical about taking late-night strolls around campus, something so serene about studying at the gorgeous Hoose Library, and something so right about spending a Monday night at Ground Zero for Open Mic Night with friends.

When I’m not engaging in campus activities, I can be found reading, writing, doodling, drinking tea, or online shopping. I am an avid (albeit amateur) blogger, and my love for writing is either channeled into my blog The TroJenn Diaries, private journaling, or the several creative writing projects which I am currently working on.

So, here I have painted a brief picture of my life and personality for you. Thanks for reading, and fight on!!

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