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Last semester, I developed an obsession.Vijeta Internship

I would check a certain website almost every single day and excitedly inform my roommate of any new postings or changes. I know what you must be thinking—probably some sort of fashion magazine, maybe a beauty tips site, or even an astrology site (which I am proud to admit I do check on a regular basis).

But no. My obsession was ConnectSC.

To offer a brief explanation, ConnectSC is USC’s internal career guidance website that includes various career resources and job/internship listings. As I reached the end of my sophomore year, I was itching to find a summer internship that would allow me to practice applying everything I was learning in my Economics classes so that I could gain a better sense of how I wanted to shape the rest of my time at USC.

The Career Center at USC provided me with much guidance throughout this process, and I learned a lot about the various career options I had by going to career fairs, company information sessions, and other networking events. I also spoke to several of my professors regarding my career options, and each of them was nice enough to spend time with me and help me figure out what I really wanted to do with my summer.

I finally ended up doing a summer internship at Marsh, Inc. in San Francisco, a leading risk management and insurance brokerage firm. I had a fantastic time during my internship and directly experienced how my USC Dornsife classes were helping me be a successful intern. For example, multiple technical concepts that I had learned in my economics classes were relevant to the projects I worked on. In addition, soft skills such as working in teams and public speaking also proved to be vitally important—all concepts that my professors had emphasized in my classes.

To be completely honest, I was surprised to see how many direct parallels existed between the skills needed to succeed in the classroom and the workplace. As I begin the second half of my USC experience, my belief is confirmed that every concept in every class is worth learning because even if it may seem unrelated or superfluous now, you’ll never know when it’ll pop back up in your life.

Therefore, this is the goal that I have set for myself for my junior year—to truly and deeply learn. I’ll keep blogging about this throughout this year, and I hope you’ll join me for the ride!

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