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I love music, concerts, and music festivals. When I had the chance to go to the Governor’s Ball music festival in New York City this summer, I pounced on the opportunity. My favorite artist, Kanye West, was performing, and the rest of the lineup was great as well. I arranged lodging, a plane ticket, and made plans to meet up with some buddies in NYC. The trip from San Diego to New York went smoothly, and I woke up on June 5th expecting an amazing day of music and fun.

Nick Mud

Not so fast. Upon leaving our apartment that morning, we were met by a torrential downpour. Governor’s Ball had lined up with a large tropical storm hitting the East Coast. We scrambled to buy ponchos and umbrellas, then we headed out for the festival grounds. Sadly, we soon realized that the ground had turned into mud up to our ankles. The rain never let up, and much of the day’s artists were cancelled. We headed back home extremely disappointed.

Nick Governor's Ball Mud Field

Thankfully, the sun came out for days 2 and 3, and the mud solidified a bit. We had an awesome time visiting various food trucks and hearing great music. And on the final night, I finally got to see Kanye. Even though the mud threatened to ruin the festival, we made the most of it. Governor’s Ball was a definite highlight of the summer.Nick Governor's Ball Crowd 2

Nick Governor's Ball Crowd

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