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LA Moments

Los Angeles is a pretty crazy city that has about a million ups and downs. When you’re sitting on the 10 freeway and it takes you an hour and a half to get home instead of the 20 minutes it should, it can be the most frustrating thing in the world. But sometimes, if you find some of the LA luck people all around the world try to get a piece of, the city can hand you some amazing opportunities.

Genevieve - tasting the tarte tatin

Recipe Testing Tarte Tatin

Via Craigslist, I found an ad to be a summer intern for world famous French chef, Anne Willan. She is coming out with a memoir this fall, writing a new cookbook, and has a few other projects

Less than a week after my final exam, I packed up my apartment in South Central and moved out to Venice in order to be closer to the chef’s house where I would be working. in the works. I love food, and I love writing; it sounded like a great gig that was right up my alley. I thought to myself, “What’ve you got to lose?” I sent in my resume, went through two rounds of interviews, and eventually was hired.

I started the internship on a Monday morning, and that evening I interviewed at a smoothie café to work part-time in order to make a bit of money since the internship was unpaid. In the middle of my interview, a customer sitting in the café overheard that I am a Creative Writing student and interrupted us, saying that she wanted to talk to me after my interview because she might have a job for me.

The interview ended, and I met the woman across the street outside of Whole Foods, where she proceeded to tell me that she was a documentary filmmaker and was in need of a freelance editor to help her out with articles, promos, letters, and general tasks for her film. That night I walked into a smoothie place looking to be a barista and walked out with a writing job with a filmmaker. I felt like I had finally had my “LA moment”.

Genevieve - yurt

Yoga Teacher Training at the Yurt

I have spent my summer recipe testing, proofing a memoir, writing and editing articles for the Huffington Post and Vanity Fair, sitting inside one of the studios where Fight Club was cut, hiking and doing Yoga Teacher Training in Pacific Palisades, keeping up a food blog, and exploring the vastness that is Los Angeles. I couldn’t be more thankful for the doors that LA has opened for me these past couple months. The city is huge, daunting, and a bit overwhelming at times, but it’s also one of the most opportunistic cities for people who are willing to work hard and take a few risks along the way.

This is the first summer that I’ve really been on my own. I sleep on an air mattress in a rented room filled with boxes of belongings that weren’t worth unpacking for the short three months before I begin my final year at USC. And in this last month, as I prepare for the final leg of my undergraduate journey, I can’t be more thankful that I attend USC and that I have the wonderful experience of living in Los Angeles, one many people only dream of.

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