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So Cal Road Trips

Maya Ghirardelli SquareHey All!

I’m becoming quite the blogger, I know. Well this weekend has been just so amazing I have to share! One of my favorite things about LA is how close I am to so many other wonderful cities.

Take, for example, Santa Barbara! I visited for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I drove for two hours with two of my friends, and there I was! It’s a beautiful city, and that weekend it had wonderful weather. We explored the neighborhood, found an amazing juice place (Blenders, which I highly recommend) and just hung out with friends of my friend. On Sunday, we went on a hike, and it was so refreshing and green. Then Sunday night, I was back just in time for my GMB meeting! Lovely trip, short and sweet.

Then this past weekend, I surprised my best friend with a plane ticket to none other than San Francisco for the weekend! Both my other friend and I paid for a round trip and the hotel, and it was very cheap! I won’t talk prices, but man so worth it! We went Thursday evening, and after only an hour in the air we were there! Enjoying the San Fran environment and all there is to see. We biked all the way from Fisherman’s Wharf across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. (For those who care, that would be 10 miles! I’m quite proud!) We also visited Golden Gate Park and even a fortune cookie factory in Chinatown. It was marvelous!

I do love LA and all it has to offer, but I also enjoy the close proximity to other wonderful cities around California.

All in all a great two weeks! :)

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