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Carnissa Spanish doorI’ve always wanted to travel. I grew up watching those Mary-Kate and Ashley movies that took place all over the world in cities like London, Paris, and Sydney.  Going into college, I knew that I was interested in studying abroad; I just wasn’t sure when I’d be going.  After researching a bunch of different options — USC has a lot of different ways to study abroad — I realized that I wanted to spend the summer in Europe.

I was lucky enough to be able to go to Valencia, Spain with the Spanish department. Seven other students and I traveled with a Spanish professor and learned about immigration in Spain while improving our knowledge of the Spanish language and culture.

I’ve had a few friends who went on the trip before and said it was the best time of their lives. They were right.  Valencia is a gem on the Mediterranean. We also traveled to Seville, Toledo, and a medieval Spanish ruin called Xativa.  I learned so much and had such a great time! I’m even applying to study in Madrid next semester.  These are just a few of the study abroad opportunities at USC.

Carnissa Spanish Flag

Carnissa Spanish ruins

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