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For Carnissa and I, the answer was yes! Both of us are from Seattle (and proud of it) so Macklemore holds a special place in our hearts. Needless to say, we wasted no time when he posted a Facebook status that he needed extras for a music video that he was filming in Los Angeles for “Can’t Hold Us”. We immediately sent in our pictures and within a few hours received a confirmation email telling us that we had been selected!

Melia - Macklemore Calltime

Believe me when I say that you have never witnessed a reaction like ours in your life. There were no words, just screaming (and a few tears on Carnissa’s end). We soon found out that it was being filmed at Phi Gamma Delta, one of the fraternities here at USC, approximately one block from where we both live. I slept at Carnissa’s, and we spent hours planning our outfits and squealing about how much we love our lives. Or as Carnissa put it when we woke up the next morning, “This is what I imagine I’ll feel like on my wedding day.” We were way too excited and arrived there an hour before anyone else showed up, even the crew. Oops!

The instructions in the email pretty much summed up our day: “This scene is a casual impromptu block party. Be prepared to act as if you’re at a concert, but silently.” Have you ever danced without any music playing? So weird, but we didn’t care. We danced our hearts out for hours. Carnissa’s face was bleeding from when Ryan Lewis crowd-surfed and fell on her, I am going to have an awkward vest tan for the next few months, and our feet still hurt, but it was so worth it. Look for us in the video!

Melia - Macklemore

Fight On!

Love, Melia

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