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This semester, I was ecstatic to be accepted to the Bet class (second “pledge class”) of USC’s recently established branch of Tamid Israel Investing & Consulting Group. As an Israeli citizen, I’m always looking for ways to contribute and make a connection to Israel while on campus. This diverse fledgling student organization is comprised of Jewish and non-Jewish students alike and focuses on making contributions to the Israeli business, tech, economic, and entrepreneurial scenes.

As a non-Business major, I was initially hesitant to participate in what intuitively seems like a Business-specific organization. After all, what did I, an International Relations major who has always despised math of any kind, have to offer an organization that emphasized a heavy focus on investment? Yet, despite these inhibitions, I was convinced by a sorority sister and multiple friends to apply– and I’m so glad I did.

Turns out, Tamid’s goal is to utilize the wide range of skill-sets that its members has to offer. In my pledge class alone, there is a PR major, a Biology major, and multiple International Relations majors. I specifically joined in hopes that I can learn the consulting skills to enable me to one day pursue my dream of private security or counter-terrorism consulting– something I will do by participating in specific consulting projects next semester with Israeli companies operating in Los Angeles.

The opportunities at Tamid are endless. This past Wednesday, for example, Tamid organized an event (co-sponsored by MBSG) that brought in Fej Shmuelevitz, the VP of Community andLeigh - Waze Operations at Waze, to speak to USC students. Waze, founded in Israel in 2008, is the world’s fastest growing community-based traffic and navigation app. In 2012, 36 million drivers used Waze worldwide. Waze reportedly turned down acquisition offers from Facebook and Apple, valued at 300 and 500 million dollars, respectively. To gain direct insight into this wildly successful Israeli country was an incredible experience. Among other things, Shmuelevitz discussed how Waze got started, and how they have re-imagined the ways news and information are disseminated today.

Future events to look forward to are visits to the Israel Consulate here in L.A and additional speakers from the Israeli business community. I can’t wait!

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