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Hi everyone!

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve actually blogged… School sort of has a way of bogging you down, especially right before Spring Break. Last week, my computer broke down and many a sleepless night was spent on the second floor of Leavey Library, furiously typing away till the break of dawn. But in a way, I earned my glorious Spring Break, and it arrived with a bang! After polishing off my physical chemistry exam, I finally went to my first concert at Staples Center in LA Live. And other than some shows on campus, it also happened to be my first non-classical concert ever.

… What’s that? I’m such a nerd? Yes, you really did say that out loud.

Well, let me explain. Throughout high school, my playlists consisted primarily of classical music. At intersections, my dad and I would roll down the tinted windows, pump up the bass, and blast Tchaikovsky as our tricked-out suburban van bounced on its shocks. I attended concerts of the Pacific Symphony down in Orange County, always classy coat-and-tie affairs. But ever since I arrived at USC, my music tastes have broadened considerably – I’ll refer you to my profile page, which has my “favorite song of all time” listed as Carly Rae’s “Call Me Maybe.” I had been to some concerts held on the USC campus, all for bands that were famous but that I had never listened to: Third Eye Blind, Cobra Starship, Childish Gambino. But there was one band in particular that I was obsessed with: Maroon 5. And yes, obsessed is actually a pretty accurate word to describe how I feel about them.

As you might know, they’re currently on tour across the world promoting their latest studio album, and when I heard they would be stopping by Los Angeles, my friend and I made plans to claim tickets as soon as possible. As it turned out, when tickets finally became available we checked the site about an hour too late; all the tickets were sold out.

The next day, as I was falling asleep in sitting in physics class, I idly checked my phone and found a brief text from my friend: “I won the tickets.” She had entered a radio contest for the tickets and won. Who actually does that? But as much as I was in disbelief, I wasn’t complaining, since one of the tickets was going to me. And so it was I found myself on the newly-built Expo Line on the Friday night before Spring break, a pair of Maroon 5 tickets in my back pocket, barreling north to LA Live.

Kenneth - Maroon 5

Maroon 5 was absolutely amazing. Having never been to this kind of concert before, in the cavernous Staples Center, it just blew my mind… and my eardrums. I found myself on my feet screaming when they took the stage, singing along to every song, clapping during the guitar or drum solos. I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

At one point, Adam Levine took a break from singing – one of the few times I’ve heard his non-singing voice! – to talk and build up energy in the crowd. He talked about how Los Angeles was where he and the other band members had grown up, and that he was honored to be back in this city performing at the Staples Center. Even a superstar like Adam Levine, who had traveled the world many times over and played bigger gigs in larger stadiums, was proud to call Los Angeles his home. The crowd went wild, myself included. I guess we were just proud to be there too.

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