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Dining in LA

Hi everyone!

Let me tell you about a little something called dineLA. About twice a year, for two weeks, a bunch of restaurants in the LA area offer prix fixe deals, where you can choose a multi-course meal at a fixed price. This is a good opportunity to explore the restaurants that Los Angeles has to offer and eat at places that might normally be out of a starving college student’s price range (the usual favorite is a Brazilian barbecue restaurant called Fogo de Chao which I’ve been told by my carnivorous friends is really good… and normally really expensive).

Last night I went with a group of friends to Mohawk Bend, a ┬árestaurant out on Sunset Boulevard that was offering a three-course meal for $25. ┬áThe restaurant itself was very laid-back–as you can see from the sign, it almost looks like a theatre, with fireplaces and bars surrounded by copious amounts of brick and unvarnished wood. The restaurant’s premise was that everything was sourced from California, except for the microbrewery beers offered from across the nation. Our waiter explained that they didn’t even carry Coca-cola or Pepsi, instead choosing to brew their own versions of the soft drinks in-house. In short, the place was very hipster, yet more popular than I’d expected, with wait times approaching an hour and a half for a table for two (luckily we had a reservation!).

The appetizers offered were a winter salad, squash chowder, and cured trout; main entrees included a peppercorn-crusted sweet potato, BBQ tofu pizza, and short ribs; and desserts were a pineapple upside-down cake or a chocolate flan. I’m sorry I’m not sorry for making you hungry, but thinking about it is making my stomach rumble a little too. My friend Janet, a freshman from Maryland, seemed absolutely in awe of the atmosphere, noting that it was probably the “classiest food she’d ever eaten.” I think this was her first time actually venturing into the city and eating at a place like this. I hope she’ll join us for more adventures through the LA area; it’d definitely be a shame to miss out on all the delicious things just waiting to be eaten!

My stomach is glad that I was able to eat here, and my wallet is glad that there was a deal; in fact, were it not for dineLA, I don’t see how I would’ve found myself at such a place! I just wish I had enough time (and money) to trawl through Los Angeles and find all the little gems that are just begging to be devoured.

Until next time,


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