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When I unfolded myself like a piece of origami from my filled-to-capacity American Airlines flight in Miami, I did not expect to find many Trojan fans on the East Coast. Maybe some disgruntled Trojans who had been a tad optimistic and had purchased tickets to Miami hoping to see the Trojans play in the Natty (National Championship), but I didn’t expect to be wearing my Dornsife Ambassador hat. Yet, as soon as I kicked off my sneakers and donned my flip-flops, I ran straight into a silver-haired man in a USC visor who greeted me with a friendly “Fight On!”

Visor guy was a USC alum who introduced me to his son Gabe, a motivated high school junior researching colleges. Using my USC Dornsife Ambassador training, I answered his questions about our pre-med program. Then, Gabe threw a few curve-balls my way by inquiring about USC’s Naval program. He wanted to serve in the Navy as a doctor. I told him about ROTC and we spent a lot of time together during the cruise.

Meeting fellow and prospective Trojans on the cruise really solidified my belief that the “Trojan Family” means something no matter where you are in the world. After the cruise concluded, Gabe’s father gave me his card so that we could keep in touch; he could barely contain his enthusiasm for the University. It’s good to know that wherever I travel in the world, a USC student or alumni could be right around the corner.

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