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Diving In

Coming from a high school with a total enrollment of 150 kids, I was quite surprised when I arrived at my first college class, which was over 300 students. The schedule of classes told me this would happen, but actually being in a room with hundreds of other students trying to learn the same material was rather overwhelming (yet fascinating, to say the least). I sat in the second row; not too goody two-shoes, but close. I was so naive about college classes; I had lugged my 1,000 page textbook with me to lecture and pulled it out in class. As I surveyed the class and saw no one with a textbook, and noticed many students were already asleep, not only did I realize I brought that heavy book for no reason but also I understood just how different my college experience would be from high school. If I wanted to stand out, I needed to work hard and talk to my professors on my own; it was time for me to grow up.

As my semester progressed, I was able to learn the ropes of classes and figure out how to succeed. Having hard-working yet awesome floormates was also a huge help. I was placed on the all-girls floor of Birnkrant. I’m not going to lie, I was initially quite skeptical of living with all of that estrogen, but I could not be more thankful. For starters, I get along very well (almost too well) with my roommate. We have the same thoughts, do the same dances, and even cuddle together. One minute we could be having a blast, the next we could be ¬†helping each other with our studies. For me, having a great roommate made my semester even better.

Equipped with a cool roommate and a growing circle of friends, I was ready to tackle a new aspect of school: the social realm. I remember attending the Fall Sports Rally with a few friends and was in shock to be in such an electrifying environment. Everyone proudly sang the Fight Song and other USC songs, and the band played their hearts out. All of the sports teams were introduced with their long list of awards and recognitions. I soon became an avid sports junkie and Trojan fan. I also attended Visions and Voices events, Conquest, and basically anything that was going on in the quad.

There is always, I mean ALWAYS, something going on, which is so exciting for someone like me. I’ve come a long way from my first day of classes until the end of the semester. I have made huge adjustments but have learned valuable lessons along the way. Yes, class work is hard. Yes, midterms and finals stink. But, I made it through while having the time of my life. I am a growing, proud Trojan who cannot wait for the adventures awaiting me in the spring.






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