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I can barely believe that yet another semester of USC is complete. As cliche as this sounds, it feels like just yesterday that I was moving into Pardee Tower and saying goodbye to my parents at the top of Parking Structure X. In just one and half years, not only have I made new friends, learned a whole lot of stuff, but also, even more surprisingly: I have learned to live on my own.

Don’t get me wrong: living in dorms freshman year was a necessary and extremely fun experience. After transitioning into apartment life in sophomore year, however, I finally understand what it truly means to be independent. When I come home from school there is no dining hall to run to; instead, I must make time to buy groceries each week–and I have even learned how to cook a few dishes! This time last year, I literally did not know how to boil an egg.

I guess what I’m saying is, you never really know how much you can handle until you push yourself to try new things. As silly as it sounds, I was legitimately worried at the beginning of this year about how I’d be able to handle school stuff as well as take care of my own living space, eat healthily, etc. I’m pleased to say that I am, slowly but surely, learning to manage all the different aspects of my life. This process has involved many foods spoiling (because I never realized the importance of expiration dates) and me eating several questionable dishes, but hey–variety is the spice of life!

As sophomore year part 2 approaches, I really hope I can take all of the lessons I’ve learned so far and apply them towards the future in a positive way.  New year, new experiences! Happy 2013 :)

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