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I was once in your position, looking forward to discovering USC! The last year of high school became a race. I was running as fast as I could to come to USC. Now that I’m in my Junior year I can say that this university exceeded my expectations and provided me with so much more.

My most defining characteristic is that I am a Biological Studies and Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Studies double-major. While these two programs characterize my academic pursuits, many other programs have contributed to my unique college experience. Joining the USC Helenes, the longest standing USC all-female volunteer organization, proved to supplement my academic experiences. This organization coordinates a multitude of events including: dog walking, high school mentoring, elementary school tutoring, food drives, and many more volunteer opportunities.

In addition to studying and volunteering, I can be found working at either of my two jobs. I work as an Intern at the USC Office of Admission. This job has provided me with an immense knowledge about the university. My second job as a Spanish Translator with the non-profit Iridescent Learning helps me maintain proficiency in my native language.

As I continue to become more involved in the university, especially through the USC Dornsife Ambassador program, I feel like I am finally getting the hang of balancing academics, social activities, and work. Anyone who has come here will tell you that this is one of the greatest learning opportunities of your life. I have a little under two years of college left ahead of me, but I will make the best of them. Follow my journey on this last stretch. Graduation is the destination, but the learning occurring along the way is the trophy.

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