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Hi everyone!!!! My real name is Luodanni Chen, but I know few can pronounce that. Fortunately, I go by Denni. As you might have gathered, I am an international student from Shanghai, China. This is my second year living in the United States. I am a sophomore double majoring in Psychology and International Relations (I might add a minor in the Marshall School of Business, but it all depends on how I like the gateway course that I will be taking next semester).

Moving to a new city and a new country was a big challenge at first, but it turned out to be something quite rewarding. On the one hand, there were cultural shocks, homesickness, and ‘complicated issues’ with food. On the other hand, I learned how to cook delicious food with my mom’s recipes that I wrote down when we were video-chatting; I made friends with people from other corners of the world; I explored the amazing city of LA that I have known through watching movies; and I also became friends with professors.

I committed myself to doing research with a Psychology doctoral student during my freshman year. Through that experience, I was able to roughly identify my future career aspiration. However, I still want to keep my options open. This year, I switched my concentration to engaging more with the community by doing JEP and becoming a Dornsife Ambassador. JEP is a service-learning program that has a really long history in the university. I signed up for teaching a mini-course to elementary school students around the neighborhood. These mini-courses are redesigned by my team to make the material we are learning in my USC class more age-appropriate for the kids. We have lesson plan sessions every week before we present in front of 20 fourth graders. It has been an awesome experience because I have some really dedicated teammates and motivated students.

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