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One of the things I have looked forward to the most about college is the opportunity to study abroad. I started my investigation freshman year at the Study Abroad Fair, picking up pamphlets and talking with former program participants. There are so many different programs to choose from that when it came time for me to apply this fall it was hard to choose just one!

After scouring program websites and reading program reviews I finally decided to go big or go home and apply to the Parliamentary Program at the University of Edinburgh. The Parliamentary Program is a little different than a usual study abroad program because it has a substantial internship component to it. Instead of exclusively enrolling in the University of Edinburgh, I will spend the first 5 weeks of my program studying Government and Politics in the United Kingdom, Scottish Politics, and Scottish Society and Culture in preparation for a full time 10-week internship with a Member of Scottish Parliament.  As a parliamentary intern I will have the unique chance to peer in on the inner workings of Scottish Parliamentary politics and create my own research project that will directly contribute to the future of Scottish political life. Even though I will miss my USC friends and family, I can’t wait to spend my next semester in Scotland doing study abroad with a twist!

This is where I'm going to be next semester!


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