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Round Two!

Hi there!

I’m Melia, and I’m currently a sophomore majoring in International Relations. I started at USC completely undecided, but I soon fell in love with the global spectrum and thought-provoking ideas of IR. Our world absolutely fascinates me. I was born in Frankfurt, Germany, and I’ve had the privilege of traveling often. There are no books that can teach you as much as experiencing something or somewhere for the first time. I have a need to understand people and places on a deeper level, and I believe that this is necessary for everyone in our increasingly more inter-connected world.  I want to share that understanding and hope to pair my major with another in Broadcast Journalism to help turn my dream into a reality.

I grew up in “beautiful view” Bellevue, Washington. My family means everything to me, and each of them helped shape who I am today. I get my optimism (and love for Rock n’ Roll) from my dad, my strong-willed nature (and my constant need to sing) from my mom, and the part of me that remembers to be silly (and to not take myself too seriously) from my brother. They are and will always be the most important people in my life, and it is still hard to be away from those I love. But Los Angeles is one of the most exciting cities in the world, and there is always something new to experience.  My dad sent me a list of songs about Los Angeles when I was choosing between schools. “Are there lists of songs about Durham? Ithaca? Boston?” No, there aren’t.

“I don’t even notice what life was like
Now I’m in LA and it’s paradise.”

“Cause the sun is shining all the time
Looks like another perfect day
I love LA.”

As much as my heart will always belong with my family, I have found my second home at the beautiful University of Southern California. Being a part of the Trojan family is an indescribable feeling, and I belong to so many more families within the USC community. I am honored to be a part of the Trojan Scholar Society and the Polymathic Academy, filled with some of the most brilliant and capable minds of today. I am so blessed to call the beautiful women of the USC Helenes my sisters, and to serve alongside them as the hostesses of USC. I am proud to work with the bold and bright women of the Marshall Women’s Leadership Board, the future female trailblazers of the professional world. My life has been changed by Best Buddies and Norma, my buddy and my inspiration. I volunteer at an animal shelter, teach a history class at a local high school, and of course, I love my wonderful Dornsife Ambassadors, who remind me every day how fortunate I am to be at this university.

So that’s me. I appreciate all things nerdy, sing in the shower, and listen to Christmas music all year. I brought Mr. Bear-Bear and Blankie to college (shhhh), talk to my family every day, and video chat my cat all the time. I’m that friend with the distinctive laugh you can identify from a mile away (“Like a really happy hyena!”), who bawls like a baby at the movies and will eat all the food in your fridge. I’m just like you and made this decision once too, and now I’m positive that I made the right one. This is where I belong, without a doubt. I hope you learn to love USC like I do, because USC would love to have you.

Fight On!

Love, Melia

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