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All of the Lights

I’m a fan of great views. Whether it be from my dorm room last year (We could see the Hollywood sign from Pardee Tower’s 6th floor!), or on top of some huge mountain, I am always excited to stare out into the distance and just appreciate the beauty of the world around me. With that being said, I had been looking forward to going to Griffith Observatory for over a year. About a week ago, my wish finally came true.

Due to some logistical issues, my friend and I didn’t actually reach Griffith Observatory until slightly after sunset. What I was really not prepared for was the number of people at the Observatory. It was packed! When I stop to think about it, it makes sense that it would be busy, especially since admission and parking are totally free–but at the time I was definitely surprised at the sheer number of people there.

Before we even entered the Observatory we got the chance to look through some awesome outdoor telescopes and see the stars. Upon entering, we found lots of informative and interactive exhibits. My favorite part, though, was simply standing outdoors on the highest floor and gazing out at Los Angeles. My friend and I had fun trying to guess which direction different LA landmarks were in, and whether all of the huge skyscrapers in the distance were where USC was (considering how close we are to Downtown).

The pleasure that I found in looking out at Los Angeles, however, meant more than just staring at a bunch of pretty lights. Being able to identify different landmarks, etc. in the distance made me realize how integrated I feel into Los Angeles as a city, and how I yearn to know it as well as I know my hometown. This city is so vibrant and alive, and I cannot wait to continue exploring every single part of it.

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