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BROWsing Around SC

Hey guys, I’m Jared Brow (hence the clever title), and I’m a freshman from Albuquerque, New Mexico here at USC studying International Relations Global Business with a concentration in International Finance and Spanish. Or at least that’s the plan. Although I’ve only been here for a few short months, one of the things I love the most about SC is the ability to take courses in practically anything I’m interested in. This semester I’m taking a variety of classes, from an International Relations 210 course to a Freshman Seminar entitled Philosophy through Film, and I’m excited about taking an equally diverse set of courses next semester.

In addition to being a Dornsife Ambassador, I’m also involved in other great on-campus clubs, from the Academic Affairs Committee of Undergraduate Student Government and Emerging Leaders Program to Concerts Committee, as well as a flag football intramural team with my dorm (we’re in the playoffs!). With hundreds of clubs to join, it’s easy to find a way to get involved.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about being a freshman at SC is the opportunity to explore Los Angeles, and in free time, my friends and I have made weekend beach trips to Santa Monica, gone to concerts (Avicii, the Video Music Awards, and the Black Keys, just to name a few), explored LA Live and downtown LA, and taken advantage of dorm-sponsored trips to restaurants, movies, and plays. There are so many things going on both on campus and off that you’ll never find yourself without something to do.

Becoming a part of the Trojan family has been one of the most rewarding experiences. Between class and other commitments, Trojan gamedays, and adapting to the college life, it’s definitely been a busy past few months, but I couldn’t imagine spending them anywhere else than at USC. We really are a Trojan family, and I hope you choose to become a part of it!

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