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Hi guys!

I’m Sayuli and I’m a Neuroscience major on the Pre-Med track. I’m a Resident Honors Program student, so I applied to USC during my junior year and I got to come to SC as a freshman instead of doing my senior year of high school, which has been such a fun experience! This year, I’m doing Thematic Option and the Freshman Science Honors program.

I’m from a smaller city in the Bay Area, so coming to live in a big city like LA has been crazy – even without a car to drive around in. There is always so much to do here, whether on campus or out in the city. The BEST part of my first semester  has been meeting a ton of new people and getting involved in different student organizations. I love singing and all things music so I am stoked to be past of Asli Baat, USC’s South Asian a cappella team this year!

The sheer number of things to do at USC can be a little overwhelming, and the hardest part for me as a first-semester freshman was figuring out how much I could cram into the 24 hours I had, when I really just wanted to do everything. It was encouraging see that so many of the other students I met here are studying majors and minors that are completely different from each other and are able to get involved in such diverse things. Although I am in love with science and want to do research while I’m here, I am taking several music classes and I hope to turn it into a music minor someday. I would definitely recommend taking advantage of the university and trying out everything you can while you’re here!

I have many years to go here as an undergraduate and I could not be more excited by the thought of what is still to come. There is so much to be learned here, not just from classes but from all of the unique people I meet – that’s something I can truly appreciate even during the more stressful days of college life.

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