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Hey everyone!

I’m Genevieve Shifke, a Creative Writing sophomore from Tampa, FL. I’m so excited to be an Ambassador this year!

Being in Los Angeles the past year and a half has been an amazing experience. One of my favorite hobbies is going to concerts, and LA is one of the greatest hubs for music—many bands often end or begin their tours in California and many pass through LA. Not only have I been able to go to venues around the city, but also ‘SC did an awesome job my freshman year with the concerts held on campus (Macklemore was one of the headliners of Springfest—he was pretty sick).

I’m also a total foodie, so the varieties of cultures have given me amazing opportunities to expand my palate. Some of my favorite restaurants within walking distance of ‘SC are Chichen Itza (Yucatan cuisine) and Manas (Indian cuisine).

A city so spread out like LA can be incredibly overwhelming, and moving from coast to coast was a pretty huge change, but I can’t think of a better home for me than USC. Besides exploring the city, I also enjoy being around campus—at nighttime McCarthy quad is beautifully lit up and is perfect for taking a walk with friends, and on the weekends it’s nice to find a grassy spot somewhere on campus and relax and read a book or toss a Frisbee or just chill out.

Besides being a Dornsife Ambassador I am also on executive board for and am involved with Alpha Lambda Delta, a service based honor society. ALD is not only a great way to connect with fellow high academically achieving Trojans through service, but it is also gives freshman an excellent opportunity to be a part of an executive board and hold leadership positions. Also, I’ve been involved with the new Middle East Studies program and with that, plan on taking advantage of Dornsife’s Study Abroad program to hopefully go to Amman, Jordan, next spring.

In my free time, besides exploring the music scene and eating awesome food, I also enjoy reading, writing, drawing, painting, going to the beach, cooking/baking tasty treats, going to movies, exploring different parts of LA, and having deep life talks at 3:00 in the morning instead of sleeping.

Follow me on Twitter (@ShifkeUSC) and feel free to hit me up with any questions you might have! Fight on!

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