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Hello there,

My name is Charles Hansen Brooks.

I  grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. I’ve lived basically my whole life there aside from three years in Shanghai. I am currently a freshman and Undecided. The main reason for my undecidedness is because there are so many cool opportunities for me to pursue at USC and I really can’t imagine committing to anything without some more experimentation. So right now I am spreading my wings and soaring through the skies of academic exploration. It has been totally righteous.

I currently live in Birnkrant, and it is truly a magical experience. Everyone is friends with each other. Every day feels like a summer camp, but not boring and nobody was forced here by their parents. I definitely recommend living in a residential college.

I can’t wait to experience all that USC and LA has to offer. All the legendary places and concerts I’ve been reading about my whole life are just a short drive away from USC, so life is pretty good right now. I’ll be writing more blogs, so keep an eye out if you want to know about how an international student is adjusting to life at USC!

Peace and Love,


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