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I’m Chloé.

Hello All,

I’m so amped to be a Dornsife Ambassador! My name is Chloé and I am a freshman at USC. I’m double majoring in Neuroscience and International Relations and minoring in Photography. I am also in Thematic Option, which gives me the best of both worlds academically. TO is close-knit and I love all the fun activities they plan for us in LA. Being pre-med requires me to focus primarily on the sciences, which is why I am trying to be well rounded by adding in IR and photography to my curriculum.

I am from San Diego, so the weather isn’t all that different from there, but I do love LA weather, because although it’s sometimes unpredictable, its usually really nice and sunny. Since I’m used to SoCal, it’s so much fun watching other people experience our lack of season and seeing their reactions. California in general is rad, but if you have the option to pick north or south, definitely go with south! Once you’re here you won’t want to leave!

In and outside of class I am a part of the wonderful Dornsife Ambassadors, but I also participate in many other activities. I am part of Female Undergrads Educating and Leading in Science (FUELS), which is a club geared toward preparing women for their careers in scientific fields. I shoot for the Daily Trojan, our school newspaper. I am also a member of Interaxon, which is a club devoted to educating students in the surrounding neighborhoods about the brain.

Basically, I have the opportunity to do almost anything I want at USC, and being a part of the largest school on campus (Dornsife) allows me to fully utilize every opportunity.

So, you know you want to do it: join the Trojan family and experience the #dornsifelife!

Hit me up with any questions and Fight On!


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